eHow article: How to Install Linux on a Dell Latitude CPi

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eHow article: How to Install Linux on a Dell Latitude CPi

Postby Brian » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:12 am

Hi, Everyone.

I've recently started writing for Demand Studios, one of the content farms that works with eHow. Here's one of my articles. I'll be posting others today and hopefully in the coming days:

How To Install Linux on a Dell Latitude CPi:

Linux is a free operating system that is available for download from numerous sites on the Web. It contains hundreds of software applications for use on desktop computers and servers. Installing Linux allows you to have a system with many (but not all) of the functions of a Windows PC, without the security hazards that come with running Windows (e.g., viruses and malware written specifically for Windows computers). Using the Dell Latitude CPi's CD-ROM drive, you can install Linux and try it for yourself.

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