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CSA Community Supported Agriculture

Postby Librtyhead » Sun May 09, 2010 6:39 pm

Buying food from a local farmer, something our Granparents did. A CSA is a large group of people who pay a farmer for a share of the food he or she will produce.Most are for vegetables, but some are for meats. Usually CSA's are purchased in the spring. This helps the farmer by providing money in the planting part of the season. Consumers get a fresh and usually affordable supply of food through the growing season, June through October.
CSA's are great for practical purposes, you are supporting practical farming and eating better and for less than you would pay in a supermarket. The other thing I like about my CSA is that I get fresh food every week.
They can run anywhere from 250.00- 350.00 per season. Try a search for a CSA in your area, you may be surprized at how much you could save for a better product.
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