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Introduction to Millennium's US Coins Forum

Postby Millennium » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:27 pm

This forum will be a place to post pictures and talk about US Coins. Every coin made in the US from it's beginnings in the Colonial period to our current coinage. Coins have been an integral part of our history for some time now and are collected all over the world. Rare coins have turned out to be a great investment and with the economy in the condition it's in, rare coins just may be the way to go. Coin collecting is a great hobby, shared by friends and family, and with the U.S. Mint continually releasing new products, it's sure not to fade anytime soon.

This forum follows the same basic rules of this site, including no personal attacks or harassment. It will be a place to show your coins, talk about your coins and give us all a little information on your collection. No collection is too small or too large! So let me take this time to welcome you here and please be a contributor!

I have been a collector of U.S. coins for over 50 years. I plan to post pictures of my collection and discuss the thinking behind the design and the coin. But! I don't just want to make this my forum, I want to make this OUR forum, The U.S. Coins forum. Please feel free to give me advice and make recommendations, your input will only help us all. Some of our current features include access to a Gallery to host images for creating an online album or for ebay auctions. A Classified Ads section to post your coins and currency for sale.

Thanks and welcome to the forum,

Steve 'Millennium'
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