Is Santorum Out of His F***ing Mind?

Re: Is Santorum Out of His F***ing Mind?

Postby Millennium » Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:19 pm

Brian wrote:
Millennium wrote:and one other thing....When he was elected Saint and few others pointed to the fact that now the rest of the world would love us....they hate us now worse than ever....another failed effort on his part despite kissing the asses of every dictator in the world.

Well, Saint (and others who said th esame thing) were half-right on that. We're much more popular with the Europeans (who didn't like Bush's go-it-alone style). Obama's style hasn't made friends (or even neutrals) out of actual enemies, though.

I haven't seen any evidence if us being more popular with the fact, I think they are even more angry with him because their economy is closely tied to ours too, and it's failing miserably...The problem is that you hear less of it, because the main stream media doesn't care, like the did when the Europeans wailed on Bush.
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