Corporations spindoctor Federal EPA punishments..

Corporations spindoctor Federal EPA punishments..

Postby sirlamre » Thu May 27, 2010 9:59 am ... ironm,381/

"Part of a $70 million PR campaign, the GE ad depicts a beautiful bend on Massachusetts' Housatonic River, which had been polluted by decades of PCB discharges and other hazardous chemicals from the company's plant in nearby Pittsfield.
"We work hard on this lazy river," a deep-voiced actor says as the camera lingers on the Housatonic, which GE was ordered to clean at a cost of $250 million by the EPA. "In the past three months alone, GE has removed more than 5,200 cubic yards of river sediments and 3,200 cubic yards of bank soil, making the Housatonic River a safe and beautiful place for everyone."
As the camera pans upward to a clear, blue sky, the announcer closes with the words, "GE, we bring good things back to life."
"GE is committed to doing our part for future generations," said GE press liaison Brandon Thayer following a special press screening of the ad. "We care about clean air and water."
The ad is one in a series touting GE's compliance with EPA-mandated cleanups of the environmental damage it has wrought. One such ad showcases the company's cleanup of the Hudson River, into which it dropped more than 1.3 million pounds of PCBs. Still other GE ads boast of the company's compliance with federal laws aimed at preventing future damage.


Corporations should NOT be allowed to make media spindoctored publicity out of being PUNISHED for the things they've done wrong.
Any more than you'd allow your kid to leave their room after timeout and happily tell all the other kids that "Dad asked me if I wanted to go read in my room for 30 minutes"
(If my kids talk about their punishments, and I hear about it, I make them explain what they did - to get across the point that disobeying Dad gets you punished, not rewarded)

Heck, if I were the judge, I'd order them to TELL the public that GE was the company that POLLUTED the river, and had to be taken to court and FORCED to clean it up, being that GE was unwilling to do this
on their own, and had to be sued and fined by the EPA to be forced to do it.

Allowing someone to make money and spindoctor the things they've done wrong only encourages them to do more wrong.

It's basically what's wrong with society now --- corporate CEOs and politicians and other people can hide what they've done wrong now, instead of have to walk down the street and KNOW that all their neighbors and friends and people at church look at the person and KNOW what they did wrong.

That peer-pressure of not being able to hide what someone had done wrong - that small-town everybody-knows
was what I think did a lot to keep people from doing other people wrong.

Once upon a time, it was only the highest and most "ivory tower" people that would do it --- now, the local corporation owner in your town, or your own pastor, or your own city councilman believes that he can do wrong, and just spindoctor it right, and his lawyer will get the judge to issue a gag order and seal the court records
...and no one will know what an individual or a company or an elected officlal is REALLY like.
All most of us see is the PR-spindoctored carefully managed "image" that is allowed out.
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Re: Corporations spindoctor Federal EPA punishments..

Postby Boba » Thu May 27, 2010 10:54 am

Good point. If this wasn't so sad, it'd be funny. :angryfire:
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Re: Corporations spindoctor Federal EPA punishments..

Postby Millennium » Thu May 27, 2010 11:02 am

Good God your trying to pass off parody sites as truth? How desperate is that? :rofl2:

Good grief....this is an article on the Onion, a well known news parody site...They make shit up and pass it off as a joke, most people know it's for humor.

Both of you got snookered. :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:

Try this one: ... oar,17495/

Here's the home page:

You're so blinded by corporation/ big business hate, you don't even care to check facts anymore.
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