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Soundtrack Reviews by Jorn

Postby sledge » Sun May 01, 2011 8:58 pm

A friend/contributor of mine hosts a great soundtrack blog and social network site for lovers of Film, TV & Game Soundtracks mostly focussing on the scores than movie songs. I am contributor to his social network site 'Soundtrack Fans' it s free to join(if you contribute to the site) or you can just interact with Soundtrack Fans of all kinds.

Jorn who hosts a Soundtrack Blog which is quite extensive of new soundtracks comingsoon, he provides reviews, interviews,samples and analysis. I highly recommended this site if you like your Film Soundtracks and more.

I will be posting some of his reviews on this thread( I have his permission) this is a free blog and I do spend sometime there. You can also follow his blog on Facebook, Lastfm, Twitter.


Also I'll add that Jorn contributes to 'Soundtrack radio Online'(my radio show)
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Re: Soundtrack Reviews by Jorn

Postby sledge » Sun May 01, 2011 9:06 pm


Thor Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Thor by Patrick Doyle.

"Patrick Doyle delivers on almost all counts and Thor gets the representation he deserves"
Thor is the latest Marvel epic about the superhero Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor is thrown out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Directed by Kenneth Brannagh, there was no surprise when it came to choosing composers. Of course the job went to Patrick Doyle who seems to be on a roll now with the excellent La Ligne Droite and now the potential superhero blockbuster Thor.

1. Chasing The Storm ****
2. Prologue ****
3. Sons of Odin *****
4. A New King ****
5. Ride to Observatory *****
6. To Jotunheim ****
7. Laufey ***
8. Frost Giant Battle *****
9. Banishment ****
10. Crisis in Asgard ****
11. Odin Confesses ****
12. Hammer Found ****
13. Urgent Matter ***
14. The Compound *****
15. Loki's Lie ***
16. My Bastard Son ***
17. Science and Magic *****
18. The Destroyer *****
19. Forgive Me ****
20. Thor Kills The Destroyer *****
21. Brothers Fight ****
22. Letting Go *****
23. Can You See Jane *****
24. Earth to Asgard *****

Kenneth Brannagh and Patrick Doyle, that's a fruitful relationship right there. "Sleuth", "As You Like It", "Hamlet", "Frankenstein", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Dead Again", "Henry V" and now Thor. This is the first time they venture into Marvel and seuperhero realm though and much is expected of them.
You got a feeling when listening to the 30 second samples on Amazon that this was a different Patrick Doyle then perhaps you are used to. This is not "Hamlet" or even "Eragon" Doyle, but perhaps a bit more "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" Doyle, because this is a lot more explosive than most of his work.

You could even accuse him of trying to be like Hans Zimmer... but I won't.
Don't let that last sentence shock you because otherwise you will miss out on some really good music and there's plenty here, even though it sounds a bit RCP at times. You can almost feel something brewing in the two opening cues 'Chasing the Storm' and 'Prologue'.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, every superhero needs a theme. Superman has a fantastic theme, Batman too, but The Ghost Rider didn't and Iron Man's first theme was a bit lacking, but Debney had a new theme waiting for the second and it rocked. What about the Thor theme? You can hear it in all it's heroic glory in 'Sons of Odin'. It is a good theme, a very strong theme, but not close to Superman or Batman, even behind Debney's Iron Man theme, but I really like it. It has a strong identity and while some of you might vomit over the fact that it sounds so heroic, almost American Heroic, I think most of you will like it.

There's a bunch of good music on here like 'Ride to Observatory' that has an even more powerful rendition of the Thor theme. There's great battle cues like 'Frost Giant Battle' that has something I want to hear more of, a male choir. It sets a powerful precedence for 4 minutes and 22 seconds of mayhem. The longest cue 'The Compound' is another great cue. The two greatest action cues are 'The Destroyer' and 'Thor Kills the Destroyer'. The latter has a new heroic theme in there that just smells like a whole lot of pride.

The more quite cues like 'Science and Magic', 'Letting Go' and 'Can You See Jane' are heartfelt moments, goosebumpy kind of stuff if Branagh managed to highlight the scenes which I am sure he did.

Patrick Doyle delivers on almost all counts and Thor gets the representation he deserves. From a great theme to all-out action material to the more heartfelt subtler cues, Doyle doesn't disappoint. I would love to have more of this music available and it almost get top marks from me. Just a few more great cues and I feel it would have earned a 10. This bodes well for whatever sequel they might have planned and also perhaps a new chapter in Doyle's already great career.


Thor - Official Soundtrack Preview - Composed By Patrick Doyle
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