FEMA still has trailers in Galveston..

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FEMA still has trailers in Galveston..

Postby sirlamre » Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:16 pm

While I'm sure that some of them are lazy people who just won't get the work done to get moved in, I wonder how many are a story like the below:

"Our house is Galveston is just about all fixed up again (finally!)- It was a house we bought for cash at a tax-sale and was intended as an investment and income property, so we were lucky not to have to worry about finding a place to live while it was being fixed. It took the Insurance company over 13 months to finally pay out -even though we had homeowners+windstorm+flood insurance. (and even then, it was only after we shelled out thousands for a real "shark" of a lawyer- they initially offered us roughly 10% of the value of the damages-or about only 2% of our policy limit).

What I can't help but wonder is that if my wife and I, -two well educated professionals with multiple degrees and enough disposable income to afford *really* good legal services (and could afford to make up the difference between what the insurance finally paid out and the actual cost of repairs),- are only just now finally managing to get our property back to livable conditions, what chance does someone lacking those advantages have?
If we'd been blue-collar workers living paycheck to paycheck, we'd have been screwed because we couldn't have been able to afford a good attorney...

Personally I think it is disgusting that the insurance companies use these "delay until they are desperate" tactics.
There should be some sort of penalty to prevent their widespread abuse of their customers.

Insurance, like any other form of risk management, is simply a form of gambling when you get down to it... The Insurance companies are betting that nothing bad happens to your property and they get to keep your money. - so why on earth when they lose that "bet" should they be allowed to say "sorry...I'm only going to pay you a small fraction of what I promised"? If you or I tried that at a casino in Vegas, we'd be lucky if they just called the cops...."

Why in the HELL should you have to get a LAWYER to make an insurance company pay up the actual VALUE of your house.
Understand that if the house value didn't match the policy, the insurance co was on good ground and would never have paid.
(never mind the fact that if you pay for the value of the policy, and they allow the policy to be written, they should have to pay for it)

The fact that a multi-billion dollar company with a huge legal team did pay ultimately shows that they knew they were in the wrong and should pay.

They were just acting like the immoral corporate giant they were -- just not interested in doing anything they thought they could find a way not to have to do, legal contracts or otherwise.

I've had credit card companies and medical insurance do the same thing--- just calmly refuse to pay something, essentially daring me to have to go get a lawyer to get my (or the doctor's) money.

And -- they had the gall to try to "seal" the court records, so that no other customers could find out what they'd done.
We went to other customers and found similar stories, but were never allowed to see the court records because the insurance compnay had successfully "sealed" those records.
Strangely enough, when it was the insurance company sueing the customer, well, those records were fully public domain and we could read everything.
They most definitely wanted to play "divide and conquer" by doing everything they could to keep the rules of the game to "one little private customer vs giant corporation with deep legal pockets".
Fortunately, the judge was a friend of mine who quietly didn't ALLOW their lawyers to file all kinds of motions to delay, drop this and that out of evidence, etc.

They tried and tried to postpone dates, threatened to sue me over other things, tried to settle out of court for 20% of the value of the actual claim.

They paid probably 10x the amount of the claim in salaries for their legal team.
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