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Postby 23hourfruitcake » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:53 am

I spend much of my time on a specialised Barbel forum where tales of the one that got away are very common. Yet i hold the British record for not only the one that got away but the one who actually bent my forged steel hook right out of his mouth and laughed at me all the way down river. To add to my humiliation, i repeated the offence right after him.

Lady Cop, Thankyou for the welcome and i have an entire file of best catches to load up. I don't get on the river as much now due to failing health and the steep climbs getting to the best swims on the river but i am blessed with living very close to the best fresh water fishing grounds of England.

I am indeed married to Mrs Mad and have been for many years very happily. I do know all about Ninja as she often calls across the room to me with 'You'll never believe the shit Ninja has just written' and then reads his posts out to me. Then, I'm on my forum calling out to her 'You'll never believe the shit Man U has just written'.

I'm not very political and my only part in politics is to drive her to meetings, nor am i a member of the BNP although i am curteous when they're in my home and i just make the tea.

I look forward to getting to know you all and hope Ninja won't be too brutal with me on account of Mrs Mad. If he is then, I'll take her muzzle off and let her loose on him.

Thanks again all.
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