The Disaster that Is the British Coalition Government...

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The Disaster that Is the British Coalition Government...

Postby MADNOTBAD » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:28 am

There are moments In the term of any Government when the penny finally drops.... The moment Ministers realise a policy Is not working and never will.

That moment has come for Conservatives In relation to a subject their leader was much too keen to avoid In opposition: Mass Immigration and It's Implications:

David Cameron always feared his party would be labelled racist or nasty If he mentioned Immigration too much In the parties botched general election campaign last year. He avoided the subject like the plague until the last of the three televised leaders debates. Only then did he speak with conviction on the subject but by then, it was all far too late. He could not persuade voters that he was serious about dealing with our open borders.
Once In Downing Street, Cameron was confronted by research that confirmed the true extent of public concern about high levels of Immigration. The number of Immigrants still flocking to Britain Is making the Prime Minister most unpopular. As the problems worsen, the electorate will become more angry leaving the PM's dream of a second term in ruins. Membership to the far right British National Party has never been so high as the electorate, sick of the promises and no action, see no other way to stem the tide than turn to Nick Griffin. It comes as a revelation to some when for years It has been blindingly obvious that Britain has lost control of her borders.

The previous Labour Governments criminally reckless open door policy has meant that more than 5.2 million Immigrants have arrived on our shores since 1997. With departures of those moving abroad are taken Into account, It has left the Immigration born population In the UK at an Incredible 3.2 million higher.
Future historians will be scratching their heads that a once great country subjected It'self to such a sudden and socially un-sustainable rise In population.
Cameron Is worried and Is under pressure from Conservative MP's. In the run up to the election, under pressure, he committed himself to saying he would reduce Immigration by tens of thousands. Research now shows that It is becoming horrifyingly clear that Cameron will not manage to get Immigration even below 100,000 a year at the present rate of Influx.
The Migration Observatory at Oxford University calculated this week that around 165,000 Immigrants will still be arriving every year. The latest figures last September showed Immigration rising with an average of 242,000 net arrivals every year. With this alarming rate of growth, The Independent Office for National Statistics now estimates that the British population will rise from 61.8 million today to more than 70 million In 2026 and a staggering 68 percent of that rise will be attributed to Immigration.
To put that In perspective, It Is the equivalent of adding eight cities the size of Birmingham to the UK In just 15 years.
Our leaders admit, they have no Idea where all these new citizens are going to be housed nor how the already struggling school and NHS system are going to cope with them. Already this week, It has been reported by OFSTED that one million children In British schools have English as their second language.
Inside Westminster, there seems to be panic. One Minister described Immigration as 'The Iceberg' that will sink the Government. There Is also much discord among the ranks that the welfare reforms can not work If Immigration at these levels continue's.
Works and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith Is Implementing a programme to get some of the 5 million un-employed back to work ut he Is also worried that Immigration will render this useless.

The Prime Minister could have won a majority had he focused In the pre-election campaign on Immigration but now he belatedly accepts the full seriousness of the situation. His problem Is that he Is In Coalition with the pro Immigration Liberal Democrats, who are hampering attempts to bring the situation under control. Certainly, Damian Green, The Home Office Minister Is trying to get the numbers down with a cap on work permits for Immigrants but the Lib Dem Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has Insisted that controls should not apply to the vast amount of Immigrants reaching our shores.
The PM's hands are tied. Free movement within the EU means It's citizens have a right to come here and take British jobs leaving the 5 million un-employed British competing for jobs. If millions of Greek and Portugese flee the meltdown of the Eurozone economy collapse, their Is nothing we can do to stop them.

Then there Is the Human Rights Act. Last week, The Daily Mail reported that there are 3,200 criminals, failed asylum seekers and benefit tourists who can not be deported because of their right to 'A family Life'. One Bolivian Insisted he could not be kicked out because he had an English cat. A thief from Sri Lanka won the right to stay here because he had just dated an English girl. Even If the PM tried to repeal the Human Rights law, he couldn't.... The Lib Dems would never allow It.
Cameron could crack down hard. He could opt for far tougher measures on the 75 percent who come here from outside the EU on work permits, sham marraiges, bogus students and heavilly fine the companies who employ any one of the million Illegal immigrants. But he can't.... Nick Clegg and The Lib Dems wouldn't have It.

One day, we may have a leader who will stop this farce and opt out of the EU's free movement but waiting for Cameron to do it, is a non-starter so don't hold your breath. The Lib Dem coalition will not allow It and why the Coalition Government Is doomed to fail giving the treacherous Labour a landslide victory In the 2014 General election. Once back In, more Sharia courts will appear and your child will be speaking Urdi as his second language.
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