Stuff legends are made of.......

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Stuff legends are made of.......

Postby MADNOTBAD » Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:06 pm

Some people will find It odd that there are people In this country that actually travel miles just to see 2 horses.
Like me, they plan their racing calender some-times a year In advance just to make sure they get to see these horses from the Paul Nicholls stable race. We arrive hours In advance to make sure of getting that spot on the rail In the pre-paddock enclosure to see our hero's, wearing our official race colours and waving our placards.
But these two horses are so unique that they even have their own facebook accounts with thousands of friends.
For the past 6 years, our lives have revolved around the Newbury, Kempton Park and Cheltenham race=courses where only horses of this calibre meet to race maybe just twice a year.
At 12 years old each now, they are about to enter retirement. If we are very luck, we may just get to see them race once more at Cheltenham next March. Then they will enjoy the life of super-star celebrities making guest appearences around the country.
To say Thankyou to these two for the pleasure they have given us devotee's Is an under-statement. Both of these horses have captured the hearts of the Nation and I know we will never see the like again.
Champions like this come along once In a generation and we have been spoiled to have two In the same era.

Legends that will live on.
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