Me and Runty...

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Me and Runty...

Postby MADNOTBAD » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:39 am

Runty Is one of last years Fox cubs who come to my garden every night. From the time he first appeared, It was obvious there was something not right about him. Instead of having a straight back, his spine seem curved and he shuffled around like a little Kangaroo. He was stick thin and the Fox family seemed to know there was something wrong with him for they would not entertain him nor let him feed. Sadly, wild animals oust any member that has defects. He slowly became thinner and thinner so I began to break all protocol when feeding them and began to try to hand feed him. If I just put the food down on the ground as I always do, the Alpha's In the pack would chase him off.
For months now I have got him coming to the garden 10 minutes early before the rest of the family arrive. This gives me time to make sure he gets a chicken quarter and I stand over him while he eats. Once he has eaten It, I give him another which he then takes away.
I had been trying for months to get a decent pic of him to show my friends but he got spooked by the red flashing light and the whirr of the flash. It Is also pitch dark when I go out to them so getting pics Is very hit and miss.
Over the months, Runty has learnt that If he sits In front of me, he gets fed and I will guard him while he's eating. He has put on weight since we started this and I have been taking the camera out with me every night to get him used to It.
Well, a few nights ago, I went out with the camera and the little fella just sat down In front of me and let me take a pic using the flash.

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Re: Me and Runty...

Postby shimmy » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:29 pm

Cool.... :bigsmile:
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