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Postby sledge » Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:03 pm

Ah I see your a supporter of BNP which explains some of your viewpoints on the forum.

I don't support or engage in any particular political Party but do vote and try to vote for the lesser (self right first party and spin) :lol: I've tended to swing towards working parties like the Labor but now they are swinging to the far right and in bed with extreme minority parties here like 'The Greens' where everyone should be green and plants are people as well :lol:

I believe in Peace and harmony but with law and order also against illegal migration. If Muslims or extreme groups want death and destruction they should be stopped by any means. We'll so soft here in the West and if you did that in say Saudi Arabia you would be harshly dealt with. I had an interesting conversation with an englishman from Manchester on this topic :blah2:
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Re: London Riots(March 2011)

Postby MADNOTBAD » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:00 am

My parents were staunch Conservatives and as a teenager, one way to really Irritate my Father was to put posters of Arthur Scargill up In my bedroom. ( leader of the miners union). I joined the Labour Party In my early twenties and supported them as a member even donating funds up until about 5 years ago. Over the years I became more disallusioned with them but have to have to say that the only success for me from Labour was under the Blair Government, we finally got Fox hunting made Illegal after decades of campaigning.
The BNP will always be deemed racist but to be a true racist you must hate another human being merely due to his colour, religion or country of origin and that Is a far cry from being opposed to open door policy mass Immigration that your country sumply can not fiscally maintain.
For example... The wedding of Prince William and kate whats her name Is a security nightmare for police and anti-terrorist orgs. We never had this back In the days of Charles and Diana's wedding simply because we did not have so many Immigrants who wanted to blow us all up. The more Immigrants we take In, the more security becomes paramount and the bill to the tax payer to keep us from the radicals Is higher every day and climbing.
The only reason the Labour Government allowed this open door policy under Blair was for nothing more than votes but It Is now seriousley out of control.

The people who we laugh at are the one's who go to great lengths to tell you they are not racist, even adding... 'I have many black friends'.... Truth Is, no they don't. They are the closet racists who haven't the balls to come out and admit mass Immigration concerns them. They do not know or even mix with any ethnic minority yet they think their platitudes make them sound good. We have nothing but contempt for these uneducated morons. Where as most BNP members like myself do know and do mix with ethnic minorities and we all understand that there will always be a degree of Immigrants In the UK, as with any country In the world but we oppose mass Immigration from countries we have no alleigence to such as Somalia when Immigrants arrive with nothing and we are obliged to house them and pay for their state benefit for the rest of their lives. We actually welcome genuine asylum seekers fleeing oppressive regimes but the open door policy is a farce.
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