London's Taliban... Yes, Really...

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Re: London's Taliban... Yes, Really...

Postby Millennium » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:46 pm

Looks like Ninja is happy, all that great multiculturalism is wiping out his country...Now he knows why we are so pissed. On second thought, no, he doesn't he isn't honest enough to admit we were right. :woo:
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Re: London's Taliban... Yes, Really...

Postby Quicksilver » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:07 am

Quicksilver wrote:It is OK to have a below 2.1 birth rate until the long term sustainable level is reached, then resume the replacement level. Of course it requires no-growth economics, and suffering for a while for being so far over long term sustainable.
In the USA we used to have long term private interest bearing accounts from social security payments made while we worked. However, our government took our money out to pay for their various expenses, and forced us into a growth only economy where people working now are paying for people retired now, instead of it being our own money that accumulated interest.
Other governments followed suit, all hooked on growth. has a great video out. I just got mine today.
Beyond that, our home countries must quit allowing immigration, force those there to either leave or adopt nationalistic qualities and give up their religions/cults and past heritage. Population quality and quantity control must be rigidly enforced, and the non-growth economy established. Otherwise you must have a revolution to just keep your heritage, and kill the immigrants and those who support them. Just like they would kill you through their over-breeding ways.
If this is not done, your population will crash with extremely high death rates from starvation, pollution, and madhouse conditions including cannibalism. It won't make it another 27 years. By the early 2030s many countries will be at the ecological collapse point from depletion of resources including oil, soil, water, and fish, pollution effects will be strongly felt with climate fluctuation far beyond historic ruining crops, and water pollution killing many. Resistance to disease will fail with inadequate diets. The economic depression will take its toll in government failures, and people unable to afford even food. Race wars and resource wars and fighting will be horrendous, with rampant lawlessness.
By the late 2040s the population of the planet will have peaked and be falling rapidly. Climate change effects will still keep growing as methane hydrates have become self-sustaining in releases, first the tundras, then the oceans, deeper and deeper. Thermageddon with thermal maximum causing massive extinctions between 2300 and 3500AD, and not getting better for 200,000 years.
Go green and force population down, getting rid of the non-green types, or nature, in her fury, will do it for us.
I would like to see each country keep its identity, reduce fossil fuel use 90%, reduce its population to sustainable long term with only the best people. That means an end to islam, the stupid made up kill cult. That means a new morality of sustainability and caring about future generations in each of our countries. It means getting rid of the people of the world too stupid to live sustainably, or with the crowd tolerance negative gene. The people who can not control their lust, greed, and sloth should be allowed to die or killed outright until such time that nations are restored at their individual carrying capacity long term at the standard of living they chose as best.
It could be that the entire world needs a new religion, based on understanding our laws of nature, ecology, biology, etc. and living without greed, stupidity, over-lust, and sloth. Sustainability is the new Holy Word.
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This is still valid and going islam majority in 27 years is NOT acceptable to England, or Germany, or any European nation. Any western nation, too. The over-breeders are the enemies of mankind.
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