Fans protest at the new theme tune for Doctor Who

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Fans protest at the new theme tune for Doctor Who

Postby sledge » Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:01 am

MATT Smith may be enjoying a honeymoon as David Tennant’s successor on Doctor Who, but a row has broken out over one of the show’s other new features – the famous theme tune.

As part of the fifth series revamp, which includes a fresh cast, production team and title design, the distinctive score has also been reworked, with an electronic trumpet “counter-melody” added in.

Many fans are furious with the change and multiple Facebook groups campaigning for the old music to be reinstated have now been set up.

The original Doctor Who theme was created in 1963, when music by Australian composer Ron Grainer was electronically realised by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

It was one of the first pieces of electronic music to be used on television and has since become one of the most iconic.

Although subtle changes have been made to the score over the years, fans say the new tune is the most radical departure from the much-loved original.

More than 70 fans have already complained directly to the BBC website and fans have railed against the music on Facebook.

Most fans said they liked everything else about the new series except the theme tune.

wrote: “The new tune is not appealing at all. It was literally the first thing that came to mind when watching the first episode of season 5.”

Despite the mounting criticism, there are some who have spoken in defence of the time lord’s latest soundtrack.

Sebastian J Brook, Editor of Doctor Who Online, said: “I was a bit surprised about the news that fans hate it – personally, I love it.

“It has always been a feature of the regeneration of the show itself that they have changed the music with the actors and title sequence as well.”

A BBC spokesman said: “The arranger has made alterations to the music four times since 2005, so change is nothing new.

“It is important for the regeneration of the show to keep revisiting the score while always retaining the haunting and ground-breaking essence of the original. ... -26275897/

There have many protests against the theme from fans which i have seen on facebook and other sites. Yes it is different and I agree with the author of this article in that the Dr Who theme has change and varied over the last 40 odd years without much complaint so what are they criticising now? :dontknow:

What do you think? u can watch most variations on youtube.

Here's the New Theme Now(Series 5)
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