The Terry Nation Story(BBC Radio)

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The Terry Nation Story(BBC Radio)

Postby sledge » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:22 am

Terry Nation was a well known British Sci-Fi Action creator and writer best known for creating the Daleks as seen in Dr Who.

You can download or listen online here ... story.html

This documentary from BBC Radio Wales looks at the career of Terry Nation which of course included creating the Daleks for Doctor Who.
However the Daleks only makes up part of this documentary as it looks at other work he has done including The Avengers, The Saint, The Persuaders, The Baron as well as his own creations Survivors & Blake's 7.

Either recorded specifically for this documentary or archived elsewhere are interviews with Terry Nation himself,
his widow Kate, Carolyn Seymour (Survivors), Sir Roger Moore (The Saint, The Persuaders), Gareth Thomas (Blake's 7), Nation's former agent Beryl Vertue, who is the mother-in-law of current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, first Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert, Doctor Who director Pennant Roberts who had directed episodes of Survivors including the first, ITC producer Johnny Goodman, former Doctor Who script editor Terrance Dicks, Ninth Doctor Chris Eccleston and former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies.

The Who bits is adequately presented but would already be familiar to Doctor Who fans including how Terry Nation got to work on Doctor Who and how Genesis of the Daleks came about.

The non-Who bits should be fascinating to those who did not know these facts before.

When Terry Nation wrote Planet of the Daleks it was virtually a remake of the first Dalek story. However as mentioned here reworking a script was something he did before but as a transplant from one TV series The Saint to The Baron.

The documentary provides a good balance between the Who and non-Who parts making it a good listen.

The presence of Carolyn Seymour and Roger Moore is perhaps the closest these two actors would come to appear in Doctor Who.
It certainly was a delight to hear for the first time Roger Moore actually mentioning the Daleks.

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