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Survivors(BBC TV Series)

Postby sledge » Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:55 am

Are there any Survivors fans here?

What is it about? 'It depicts the activities of a group of people who survived a virulent strain of heretofore unknown influenza which has wiped out most of the human race'

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I have been following this Series and thought the first series was quite good but still got to watch the 2nd Series. I have just learnt that the BBC have Cancelled the series which finished on a cliffhanger due to poor ratings and saving money. :sorry:
Survivors' axe confirmed by BBC

The BBC has confirmed speculation that Survivors has been axed after two series.

The sci-fi show, a remake of the 1970s cult programme of the same name, starred Julie Graham and Max Beesley.

"The BBC is committed to making a broad range of varied and ambitious drama, but in order to achieve this we do have to move on from some pieces in order to allow new work to come through - after two series, Survivors will not be returning," a spokeswoman said.

BBC One's post-apocalyptic series was given a roasting by critics in its second six-part run after a well-received first outing in 2008.

Survivors series one averaged a strong 5.19 million viewers (21.4%), but series two fell to a lacklustre 3.81m (15.2%). ... y-bbc.html

it's a shame that it has been cancelled and on a cliffhanger? why don't the BBC Executives tell the makers the series won't be coming back so they can resolve the main storyline instead of finishing on a cliffhanger? :bs:
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