GPS - Turn-by-Turn to the Dark Side

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GPS - Turn-by-Turn to the Dark Side

Postby sledge » Wed May 19, 2010 8:10 am

This is an new gadget for the TomTom Darth Vader GPS Navigator. Turn to the Dark Side! Not an endorsement.

Australian motorists looking to take a drive on the dark side can now journey alongside Darth Vader.

TomTom, which launched the Darth Vader turn-by-turn voice skin for all of its GPS car navigation devices today, said the release had been timed to coincide with International Star Wars day.

Drivers will not be spared his dark vision. “Turn around when possible. I find your lack of faith disturbing,” he chides. “Take the third left, sense your way,” and “Go around the roundabout. The circle is now complete”.

Chris Kearney, marketing director at TomTom said three other Star Wars voices were in the works. From June Darth Vader will be joined by C-3PO, Yoda (in July) and Han Solo (in August).

“It was a really good opportunity to give people that variety of interesting voices on their GPS. We've got a whole host of celebrity voices now – such as Homer Simpson and Billy Connolly,” he said.

Other Tom Tom voices include John Cleese, Mr T, Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper and baseball player Curt Schilling.

The company is yet to license any famous Australian voices. ... -u9ue.html ( you can hear the GPS Darth voice on the site)

These GPS are for the Australian Market but must available overseas as well? They should get Daleks(from Dr Who) GPS 'You must Obey and Turn left' or You are going the wrong way! Exterminate! :lol:

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