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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:55 am
by shimmy
Here is a short intro to myself:

I am a Licensed auto mechanic up here in Canada. (since 1976)

I am closing my own shop down (semi-retiring).

I worked at various GM dealerships for GM.

I worked at GM headquarters, diagnosing GM vehicles for the GM dealers, when they could not fix it we had to try to fix it or we sent Field Engineers out to see/fix the problem, etc.

I belong to a Grand Prix car club and I have members who drove up to 4 hrs away for me to work on the cars (modding the cars, horse power stuff, and appearance stuff).

I even had a few GM engineers who bring me their cars for repairs...(lol)

I'd like to try and help the People on the boards from getting ripped off by the dealers and the small repair shops!

If you wish, post an Introduction of yourself, so we know who we are talking to and what your knowledge of auto repair is, or post pictures of your pride and joy! Pics from car washes, Show and shines meets etc.

Remember there are no dumb questions, just the ones not asked.

Enjoy the forum...