Intro to Marie's before posting

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Intro to Marie's before posting

Postby Marie5656 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:43 am


Welcome to the new and improved place to be. It is good to be back running the forum here. I would like to see this as a place to pull up a chair, have a drink, or a snack and just share some food related conversation and good times.

In my Italian family, all the important decisions were made around the kitchen table. There were gatherings of family and friends, birthdays, holidays, or just a Sunday dinner.

So, let this forum be 24’s kitchen table. I hope you will share conversation, a recipe or two, or just a chat about favorite foods or places to eat.

The rules here are few, be nice, try to stay on topic and try to stay within the theme of the forum. Remember that there are different cultures and food tastes at 24. So please no flaming, trolling or rudeness if you happen to not like something. Disagree? Yes. Name calling, no.

So, again, welcome, and in the words of Italian grandmothers everywhere “Mangia e statti zitto.”*

*Shut up and eat!!
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