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Re: The Great Fire of London revisited

PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:42 am
by spot
lady cop wrote:a French Protestant watchmaker, Robert Hubert, confessed to having deliberately started the fire at the bakery with 23 conspirators.

Although his confession seemed to change and flounder under scrutiny, he was tried and hanged. Afterwards, colleagues told the inquiry Hubert had been at sea with them at the time, and the inquiry concluded the fire had indeed been an accident. No-one knows why he confessed.

The consequence of a court ruling that the fire was an act of war started by a foreign agent, rather than an act of God or negligence, released the funding required to rebuild the city. Liability was shifted from the tenants of all the destroyed properties, who had far less resource, to the landlords of the properties who were in general much wealthier. There was a great deal at stake in blaming a foreign arsonist.