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Re: Little Bighorn Flag to be sold

Postby sledge » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:09 am

I have done some reading on the Battle of Little Bighorn and Custer was a fool and arrogant leader who did not listen to his subordinates who told him it was foolish to persuade the Sioux into unknown territory with out getting a full report so of course he took the bait and chased a few Indian warriors up the hill into the open where he was massacred by the full tribe. I watched a good documentary about Custer and the 7th Calvary at the Little Bighorn. :thumbleft:

The Flag should stay in the Arts hands as it is the last known artiefact of the Battle that still exists.

Just found the documentary I watched a few months ago. See part 1 here an Renactment of the Battle with actors and Commentary also expert interviews.
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Re: Little Bighorn Flag to be sold

Postby Quicksilver » Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:21 pm

Custer did not "take the bait" chasing after a few to be surrounded by many. People who disliked him or were envious thought he was arrogant.
People thought he was stupid for splitting his forces and previously refusing the help of Gatling guns and two companies of another cavalry unit.
The fact is that the estimate was of 1/3 the actual number and the fear is that they would get away. When spotted, the village's actual size was obscured. He wanted to attack the center of the village while Reno attacked the end. He was thwarted by the deep water and heavy repulse by Gall's warriors. He had sent a message to Benteen to come quick, which was not done because Benteen hated Custer. This was from Custer not "taking the bait" and going after a squad who had disobeyed his orders during Washita.
Custer tried to get around to the other end of the much longer than he had known village. Gall's and Crazy Horse's warriors beat them with repeating arms sold to them by corrupt traders and overwhelming numbers. The warriors said that they fought with great courage for the most part.
An attempt at relief by a small force was repulsed, and no attempt with the full remainder of the force was made, which may have made a difference. Reno had been initially overwhelmed and basically lost his judgment after having the brains of his chief scout hit his face during his retreat. Of course, Benteen did not want to go into the full battle, so nothing of sufficient level was done in sufficient time. They dug in and were under siege for the rest of the day and night.
Custer acted on the best intelligence he had, and his own view of the village was obscured. He had thought that a party saw him and he would lose the element of surprise, and the enemy would flee as in the past. Hindsight showed that the party did not lose him the element of surprise, and that the estimates of how many hostiles were there were extremely inaccurate.
The people that died that day, on both sides, did so with great courage and for their own people. Custer had said that if he were an Indian he would fight, too. His sacrifice emboldened the country and was the end of a great way of sustainable living. Not only were the Lakota chased down until Wounded Knee, beat in all battles, but so were the Nez Perce, Apaches, Utes, and others.
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