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fossil hunting

PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:58 pm
by silverpop
now this is another hobby of mine which many people aren't that interested cause to them rocks aren't interesting
but sometimes a rock will have a fossil in it which is a link to the past earth and tells one that fossils are a record of early life which existed way before we ever did

now the best places to find fossils are limestone beds and mesas which were reefs long ago so fossils would be more likely found in those areas then anywhere else
i have found fossils ranging from very tiny to huge but the most common one i find around here is the shell they are many but every once in awhile I'll find something odd
and neat within the rocks

i used to live on 10 acres so fossil hunting was a part of my daily routine still is to a point now if i get bored of coins and such i go fossil hunting which is hard and you walk and bend a lot not to say your eyes are strained trying to pick out details of any fossils hiding within

but overall fossil hunting fun and interesting cause you never know what you could stumble across

fossil hunting isn't for everyone it's not a thrilling hobby, not much action but makes one use their brains trying to find the perfect spot to hunt