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Wedding gifts

Postby Librtyhead » Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:17 pm

I have been invited to a wedding. It is just a few friends that I have worked with before for the past 15 yrs. So I have decided to make a gift. As a historic background I must say that the best gift I got when I got married on that fateful day 9/11 1999 was a 3-d wedding invitation. My karate instructors wife is into arty-crafty stuff and took my wedding invitation and embellished it with some strung pearls and shells and a few odds and ends then put it in a 1" thick frame. Three borders with different glued on things like flowers, pearls, sand and various solid objects were glued to the wedding invitation and packaged in a very personnal type gift. Of all the things I got, that was the longest lasting and most impressionable thing I got, it hangs in the living room and always gets compliments.
I have decided that this is the gift I will give and hope that mine also becomes the best thing that they got. Years in the future hopefully they look at it and remember and they both smile and forget any problems they have and remember that special day.
Anyways, when I am done I will post it in the members only section. Their names will be on it and the place. A 3-d framed wedding invitation with embellishments in a thick frame. Hopefully over the next month I can create a lasting momento of their most happy day. And I hope they love it like we love the one we got. I am thinking a 10x12" frame, simple, small and easily moved.
Whadaya think?
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